The products under the brands  NeoStrata  products for the skin. The aging  (Anti-aging)  has been verified and certified by dermatologists for over 60 countries around the world in a dermatologist. It is a product for the treatment of low extract  AHA  is one too.

Neo Strata Products The outstanding natural 
AHA  and  PHA  , which has the ability to enhance performance in the treatment of skin problems, the

AHA  and  PHA  has already been patented. A benefit that protects And skin Caused by aging Or caused skin damage To help in the treatment of various skin problems such as acne, dry skin, blemishes and freckles with  Neo Strata. The product is composed Both face and body Containing extracts 

AHA  and  PHA  in the form of products and reduce wrinkles. And skincare products that help to add moisture. Protects skin from blemishes and dark spots. Makes skin smooth and radiant Suitable for all skin types. And skin products, Neo Strata. Has been tested and confirmed by dermatologists that. It does not cause allergic reactions and skin irritation, but somehow do not contain perfume. All products of Neo Strata by Neo Strata 

PHA  has been proved. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and fragile also contained in the package is safe. And strong enough To ensure that the product is in perfect condition before launch.

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